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We can all remember the time we first started our small business. It was filled with excitement creating your own brand, creating products and services. And once all that was done, you might have daydreamed of what it feels like to be your own boss.

But then, reality kicked in!

You had to work harder than ever before, and your personal life was non-existent. If that sounds like you, you might want to look into a virtual business manager.

But who are they, and what do they do? Keep reading to find out!


Who is a Virtual Business Manager (VBM)?

Who is a Virtual Business Manager

To put it simply, a virtual business manager (also sometimes called a Online Business Manager) is someone who helps you build your business by assisting you with different tasks. While that might sound similar to a virtual assistant, they are two distinct people.

Let’s define the differences with an example. Let’s say you’re looking to outsource your social media marketing. Here’s what tasks would each one do:

A Virtual Assistant would schedule new posts, answer the comments.

But a Virtual Business Manager would analyse your social media performance and help you create a better content marketing strategy.

So to put it simply, a VBM helps you strategize and manage your business. And a virtual assistant completes small tasks you don’t have time for.


What Does a Virtual Business Manager Do?

Virtual Business Manager Activities

Now that you understand who the virtual business manager is and their differences, you might be wondering what problems a virtual business manager can solve?

Well, the good news is that it can solve probably anything you have but not everything. Different virtual business managers specialise in different fields. For example, someone could be fantastic with marketing while poor at automation.

Here are just a few things that a virtual business manager can do:

#1 – Project Management

Managing projects can be a hassle. With a VBM, you can ensure that your projects get completed efficiently and on time. The things that your VBM can do include:

  • Project plan creation with detailed timelines
  • Maintaining project management tools
  • Handling and solving challenges
  • Making sure everybody is on track

#2 – Team Management

If you’re struggling to solve disputes or aren’t a people person, then your VBM can become your best friend. That’s because they can:

  • Motivate your team members
  • Help you with hiring the best people for your team
  • Solve any conflicts in a practical manner
  • Keep track of your team’s daily activities.

#3 – Business Planning

Every successful business needs a great plan to succeed in this competitive field. However, sometimes it’s great if you could get an outside perspective and suggestions on how to improve it.

Well, with a VBM, you can do that. Together you can:

  • Set realistic expectations
  • Strategise your business’ next steps
  • Create achievable milestones and action plans to make it into reality

#4 – CRM Management

CRM (also known as Customer Relationship Management) software is essential for any small business. It helps you to organise better and access your customer data. However, this can be confusing to start. Your virtual business manager can help you:

  • Set up your CRM software
  • Organise your Customer Data
  • Improve your sales pipeline


And this is a Virtual Business Manager. To recap, a VBM is someone who helps you plan and manage your team more effectively. And if that sounds like something you need, then be sure to schedule a call with me. I’d love to help you out.