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I am a great believer that even a small business owner should embrace project management techniques in order to organise themselves. In addition, utilising project management systems enables the business owner to focus more easily on the proactive steps needed to grow.  However, I do understand that for many business owners this is an alien concept. Hence, I thought it would be useful to highlight the top half-dozen benefits of using a good project management system?


1. Overall Accountability.

As each project is loaded into the system by the project manager – who may well be you or your Virtual Business Manager – assigns responsibility for completing each stage of the task. By assigning these responsibilities at the beginning of the project means that all those involved clearly understand their role in the success of the project and your wider business.

2. Sharing Resources.

With careful planning and strategic allocation, multiple team members can work on multiple projects simultaneously. Additionally, using the project management tool to divide time appropriately and set relevant deadlines ensures the task stays on track. It is also possible to allocate resources using the tool. Resulting in strategic utilisation of your cash, as you are only making purchases when necessary.

3. Reliability.

Time is money. Using a project management system you can reliably predict when the project will be complete. Moreover, it helps to calculate its value in terms of time or money.

4. Brainstorming.

 You can look at a project management system as something of a mastermind group. Remember that your team of outsourcers are already skilled and knowledgeable and bring plenty of direct expertise to the table. When a number of people are invested in making sure that your project is a success this unleashes an element of brainstorming. Capturing different options and ideas can only seek to improve the overall project in the long run.

 5. Direction.

The typical project is the sum of a number of complicated, moving parts and pieces. Without a centralised project management system, it’s likely that

  •  something is missed,
  • somebody slips up or
  • something is misinterpreted or
  • simply there is confusion on how to proceed at a crucial moment in the project history.

Overall, therefore, the system provides direction and certainty for all involved.

6. Completion.

How many times has a project been started but never finished? Without adequate planning, oversight and supervision there is an ever-present danger. However, with adequate planning and allocation of responsibility, all team members know what their role is. They can see the deadlines and know that the project will be completed, on-time.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Project Management System Important?

Why do you need to consider implementing a project management system? Well, it is simple, to replace uncertainty, risk and threat of failure. As we all know from the recent COVID situation there are many potential hazards and stumbling blocks ahead in business. However, it is important to the success of your business that the lack of internal preparation isn’t one of them.

There are some very sophisticated cloud-based systems available today. Given that working from home could be the new norm and that outsourcing to virtual resources in on the increase, the adoption of a centralised project management system is a critical component if business success is your goal.

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget another potential advantage. By looking at the results of past projects, evaluating success and learning from mistakes, the entire team can learn valuable lessons. This can only help to improve future projects and strengthen the team dynamics going forward.


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