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Virtual Assistant Services

Whether you need support during a busy period or ongoing support I am here to take all that admin off your plate.

Virtual Assistant Support To Help Your Business Thrive

It’s no secret that small business owners can feel overloaded with work. They often end up struggling to cope as there’s so much to do! 

When your time is filled with admin tasks, it can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated.

But there is a simple answer; let me take those tasks off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.


Bravapro | Virtual Assistant, Swindon | VA and Admin Support

Types of Support

Email & calendar management

File management

Document formatting

Data entry

Creating PowerPoint presentations

Event coordination

Internet research

Posting & emailing

Processing orders and shipments

Processing refunds

Handling customer inquiries

Following up on orders & inquiries


Chasing outstanding payments

Holiday/travel research and booking

Household management,

Managing your insurance – car, home, life or pets

Organising social events such as parties

Sourcing furniture, household products and presents

Sorting out car MOTs

Household bills

Utility comparison research

Other Areas of Expertise

If you need proactive support, a ‘wing-woman’ to provide managerial expertise as you grow your business then click below to find out about my range of services.

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