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Systems, Automations and Data 




Systems and Automations To Help Your Business Thrive

Is your business working effectively?
Are you getting the most for your money?
Having the right process, systems and tools in place can save small business owners time and energy. 

Data To Drive Your Business Decisions

Are you basing your business decisions on facts or on a hunch?
Even small businesses need to review their business data. Let me help you determine what data you need to be tracking and put in place a system to capture it. I can then feedback, in simple terms, trends and make recommendations.


Bravapro | Swindon Virtual Assistant | Systems, Automations and Data

Types of Support

Office admin audit

Customer journey mapping

Standard operating procedures mapping

CRM Implementation and customisation – (Hubspot, Capsule, Zoho and others)

Email autoresponders, templates and rules set up

Email sequencing

Zapier Integrations

Advanced Excel

Microsoft Power BI data dashboard

Trend tracking and feedback

KPI tracking

Google Analytics

Social media results tracking

Utility comparison research

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Blogs to help small business owners succeed

The What, Why And Wherefore Of Systems And Processes

The What, Why And Wherefore Of Systems And Processes

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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Crime

5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Crime

Are you relying on good luck or a wing and a prayer to protect yourself from cyber-crime and internet risks? Below are some online security tips your business can use to protect itself. After all, you don't know when your luck will run out!    # 1: Set Up Two-factor...