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My services give you dedicated professional managerial support. Helping you manage all your office and operational tasks with ease.

I offer ongoing support with office management, social media management, project management, or business development with flexible delivery options.

Together we can make your business thrive.

What I Do

My services are perfect for successful small business owners who have too much on their plates but aren’t ready to employ anyone. Moreover, you can choose the services you want and the hours you need.

Get in touch to see how I can help you.


Luke - Swindon Tuition Centre

I’ve been working with Joanne with the focus of tightening up and streamlining our current admin set up as we plan to scale up the business. She has been a great communicator and very approachable to all members of the team. All emails are responded thoroughly and promptly. She is also very strategic, having the relevant experience to oversee how we could work more economically and giving graphics, new admin tools, and tutorials to highlight processes and help visualise what we’re looking to do.

Kiki - Kiki Kirby Coaching

We love using Bravapro, (Jo) for support with report writing, processes with our documents and collating information. She has helped us massively in our coaching and consultancy business with formatting information in a way that is professional, clear and concise. I love working with Jo she is extremely professional, creative and her approach is so simple. Very often our deadlines require things to be turned around quickly and Jo makes it always happen. THANK YOU.. Highly recommend

Charlotte - Popple Services

What Joanne doesn’t know about CRM systems isn’t needed. I asked her to help me set up a CRM with my frankly inadequate excel spreadsheet, and she did it perfectly, and has given me training on how to use it! She is efficient, quick and does the job asked. Would happily work with her again!

Michelle - Mind Harmony

I’ve recently acquired the services of Bravapro to help with streamlining my business admin, social media production and generally taking pressure off me where she can.

I’m a super organised person but Joanne is helping me take it to a whole new level! Thank You!

Yolande - Peak – Ryzex

Joanne is the one I would choose for my team hands down, time after time. She is incredibly reliable and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is the one who will take on the task that others shy away from and nail it completely – with style and modesty. Joanne understands the value of proactivity and simply delivers the goods – time after time.

I’m ready when you are! 

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