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We’re all familiar with the term ‘customer service’ but many are less so with the relatively new phrase of ‘customer experience‘. When we come out of the COVID19 outbreak (and we will) this is going to be even more important than ever. Companies will be keen to recoup lost revenue by retaining existing customers and securing new customers. The customer experience your company provides could set you apart from the competition. So let us discuss how a virtual assistant can help improve your customer experience.

Here we explain:-

  • What customer experience really means,
  • Why it’s so important now,
  • How it helps your business and
  • Why a Virtual Business Manager offers the best support option.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience has evolved from customer service. Good service is part of this relatively new concept, however, it extends far beyond polite and helpful interactions at the point of sale. As the word ‘experience’ suggests, it’s wide-reaching and further considers customer perception of your business through many interactions. These interactions cover the course of the customer journey from early awareness of your business, to purchasing and after-sales care. Interaction is pretty much everything you put into the public domain. Be that emails, phone calls, or social media posts, each contributing to a positive perception of your business and leading to excellent customer experience.


Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever!

Once again, we find that technology has fundamentally transformed the way we do business. In this digital age, customer expectations have risen and subsequently how they perceive their experience has changed. Social media is key to this change, as experiences both good and bad are shared freely and widely. Added to that, communication is now constant and instantaneous. Subsequently, customers expect a prompt response, and businesses often struggle to find the resources to ensure a timely reply to each interaction. Furthermore, consumers are no longer limited geographically and the wider choice in providers means they’re less inclined to continue to purchase from a company that doesn’t meet expectations.


Improving Customer Experience Helps Your Business

Building great customer relations takes time, but the resultant value for your business cannot be underestimated. Customers who’ve had a positive interaction with your company will share their experience,  both face-to-face and publicly over social media. Often, these people become mini, but mighty, brand ambassadors for your company!

Delivering a great customer experience accelerates your income through the combined effect of a few key factors, principally…

  1. More new customers.
  2. Increased customer retention.
  3. The ability to raise prices as a result of brand credibility.

This positive impact on your income is wonderful, but how do you find time for this greater level of service?


Virtual Business Managers Are Perfect for This Service

Although many companies recognise the importance of customer experience, they don’t have the resources available to improve it significantly enough. Often small business owners like to ‘wear all the hats’ but the truth is, they are unlikely to be the best person for this particular role – in fact, you’re probably not even available! The best way to offer the exceptional level of customer experience needed to truly advance your business is to delegate this to a Virtual Business Manager (VBM).

Possessing the skills, business knowledge, and relevant information, VBMs can expertly respond to queries, share information as needed and handle complaints with a high degree of professionalism. Expert in providing an outstanding service, VBMs can also help standardise related processes and implement systems to automate where possible – as well as provide the human touch, to exhibit a truly great customer experience.

Once you’ve decided to commit to enhancing your customer experience, a great VBM can help you dramatically improve this side of your business, and consequently your income too.

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