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Being organised is something that’s very easy to overlook. However, disorganisation can result in a lot of unnecessary stress and loss of time, which can seriously impact your day-to-day life. So don’t count the cost of disorganisation or let the stress and frustrations drag you down – take some action.

How To Get More Organised

Start today by taking note of all those little things that niggle you because of your disorganisation. The things like not being able to find those client details when you need to call them, or the fact you can put your hands on the report you need urgency. Or there was this really interesting website that you can’t remember the URL.

Instead of letting these minor annoyances mount up, challenge yourself this week to do something about it.

  • Set up a system so all your contacts are only a few clicks away.
  • Set up a system so all your client’s documents are in one space
  • Bookmark those websites in one place to help you find the information quickly.

The bottom line is if you don’t set aside some time to do this, those annoyances will continue to impact your life. You will continue to count of the cost of disorganisation.

My Secret Weapon


Trello Board Project Management


My secret weapon for getting organised is Trello.

Trello has helped me overcome many of the irritations I started to see in my business as I started to work with more clients. Even though I am naturally organised, as my business began to grow, things began to slip, and annoyances set in – I had to find a solution!

That solution was Trello, and now I am obsessed. All I have to do is open one of my boards and a card and know all the information is there to get one with the task in hand.

Little annoyances caused by disorganisation do not just cost you the extra time needed to deal with them. They also cost you mental energy and stress, and anxiety. Each little trigger can make you unfocused and hence de-motivated.

But remember to start small; you don’t have to do everything at once. If you try to do everything, you will fail, which will again de-motivate you. So don’t try to revamp all your systems but pick or two as an initial focus.

But if you want a system that will keep you organised all year round and provide a centralised place to store all your business information, I highly recommend Trello.

If you are unsure about Trello, I am happy to have an informal chat to talk you through the basics. Drop me an email at joanne@bravapro.com.