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The third Monday of every year is called Blue Monday. This year that dates fall on 16th January. It is considered by many to be the most “depressing” day on the year. People’s moods are said to be low due to their post-Christmas finances, unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions, the cold weather and a long wait until the next holiday.

Is Blue Monday Real?

Despite this, the date is becoming more well known; there is no scientific proof to suggest that the 3rd Monday of the year is any more or less depressing than any other day.

In fact, the birth of the Blue Monday concept originated in 2005. When a, now de-funked, travel company called Sky Travel released a press statement to promote it’s summer holidays. While the company claimed to have used a complex equation to work out the date, further research showed that the equation just didn’t add up.


Flip It Over And Let’s Be Positive

The date, therefore, seems to have been a cynical advertising ploy. Today I am flipping Blue Monday on its head. 

I choose to make today positive and productive, and so can you! 


Here are some reasons to be happy in January:

    • It’s the start of a fresh New Year of opportunities, and let’s face it could it be worse than the last few years.
    • The dark evenings mean we get to cosy up on the sofa with our loved ones to binge watch on Netflix
    • It is a great time to get yourself organised and de-clutter your work or home space.
    • It is also the perfect time for you to invest in yourself, read a book or learn something new. 
    • Above all, relax more. Yes, January doesn’t have a holiday in it but why not create one? Have a YOU day with a bit of pampering!

Finally remember, you have the choice, the power is in your hands today!

There is a famous quote by Henry Ford that goes “Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t… You’re Right.” It is the same today you can either choose to believe that today will be depressing and dismal, or you can choose to believe it today will be a wonderful day, regardless.