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1st Important cookies question ? hobnob or ? digestive?

2nd important cookies question – Do you have a cookie policy and a cookie opt-in?

Why Am I Asking About Cookies?

Because the EU (as part of GDPR) has decided that as a user you should know how you’re being tracked and who you’re being tracked by. You should also have some options on whether you agree or not.

What Is A Cookie And What Does It Do?

A cookie is a small piece of code inserted by a website you visit onto your device that allows the website to monitor certain things about your visit.

How Do You Find Out What Cookies You Are Using?

The quickest way to is to use a cookie checker on your website – I use Cookiebot.

But you can also do it manually 

How Do I Give My Site Visitors Cookie Options?

Many old cookie consent programmes simply tell visitors what cookies you are using. However, this is not sufficient for GDPR requirement. Instead, you should have a cookie option that gives people the option to say yes or no to cookies at specific levels. If you are using a website builder like Wix or Squarespace there are inbuilt cookie consent banners, but you need to ensure they are set correctly.

For WordPress site, you can use a plugin. I personally use Civic UK (which is the one the ICO uses) but other options are Metomic and Osano.

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