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In the business world most of us need to make presentations –  in front of a client, at a networking event or to colleagues and employees

Having worked as an International Account Manager, I have done my fair share of presentations and here are my top tips…

Prepare and Customise Your Presentations

The first thing I learned about presentations is that a presentation is never about you …. it is always about the client/audience. Even if you have a company slide deck, think about your client’s pain point and make sure those slides are early on in the presentation.

Keep Your Presentations Simple

Your presentation slides should never be your script. They are key points or even words you want the audience to remember. If you want them to read further details leave them a hand-out or brochure.

Remember That First Impressions Count!

If you present a shoddy slide deck that is difficult to read and contains poor quality images or graphics, then in the client’s mind, you can not be bothered to make an effort for their business. Consciously think about the font, colour and images you use and limit animations/transitions.

If you struggle with PowerPoint – don’t worry! I’m an expert. Drop me an email at joanne@bravapro.com and we can arrange a discovery call to chat about the best way to make your presentation WOW your audience