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Most business owners understand that customer experience can be the difference between success and failure. In most industries, there is a high degree of competition. Hence, it is far more cost-effective to retain a customer than to attract a new customer. Business owners should not ignore the importance of their customer experience.

However, customer expectations are rising fast. Often quicker than businesses can react. Customers expect immediate replies to enquiries, delivery needs to be speedy, and after-care must be five stars. However, the number of processes and administration involved can impact the need for speed. Companies often don’t have the skilled resources to maintain customer support, let alone commit to improving it.

That’s when a Virtual Business Manager (VBM) could be the solution. 

Below I suggest ten-way that outsourcing can improve your customer’s experience. Putting you ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting new clients. Plus, more importantly, helping you keep your current customers.

Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience

1. Standardising Processes 

As your business grows, the need to standardise your customer experience processes increases. By systemising your processes, you can offer a consistent level of customer support. Moreover, systemising improves the customer experience by increasing efficiency and enabling team members to reply quickly to enquiries.

2. Automation 

A Virtual Business Manager with a firm grasp of technology. As such, they can suggest a range of systems to automate your customer’s journey. Resulting in improved your customer experience, as well as reducing workloads and increasing productivity. The potential systems a VBM could set up include 

  • CRMs, 
  • Internal communications, 
  • Email sequences to target audiences, or 
  • Emailing a downloadable link, e-course or product, to name just a few.

3. Call Answering

Answering calls from potential customers should be the number one priority for any business. Specialised Virtual Business Managers or Virtual Assistants offer call-answering services to support your internal teams. Therefore, outsourcing can make sure your business number gets answered professionally and promptly whenever the customer calls.

4. Social Media Interaction 

Social media is a time-consuming, but often a necessary part of modern business. A Virtual Business Manager will monitor and respond to engagement on social media. Having the essential business understanding, they can reply to comments with the right type of interaction and information level. Hence, instilling confidence, not only from the original poster but also from others viewing the comments.

Moreover, they can also help you reach a broader target audience through research, managing your online platforms, sharing your content and managing adverts. 

5. Email Inbox Management

Your inbox can quickly get out of control. Therefore, having an experienced Virtual Business Manager can rescue you from the constant time-drain of an overflowing inbox. They can take over the management of your emails by using their experience to respond on your behalf with the appropriate information. Additionally, they can highlight any emails to you that will need your attention.

6. Sales 

Virtual Business Managers can assist with your entire sale process. They can support in multiple areas, including

  • Distributing sales information,
  • Answering queries promptly, or
  • Assisting with payments.

7. After-Sales Care

Some queries, even complaint, can arise post-sale. For instance, queries around delivery or handling refunds and returns. Post-sale is the point where a prompt, professional and helpful response can cement your customer experience. 

8. Request Feedback 

Virtual Business Managers can request and collate feedback from customers. Therefore providing valuable insights into how your business is perceived. The analysis of this data can assist you in making improvements.

9. Complaints

Handling complaints professionally and achieving a positive outcome for everyone involved is a real skill. With a diplomatic approach, your Virtual Business Manager can help guide customers through your complaints procedure. Hence ensuring issues are successfully resolved, and only escalating to you when necessary.

10. Other Communication

As business owners themselves, Virtual Business Managers are excellent communicators. Many are experienced copywriters and hence can help organise the writing of:-

  • writing content pieces, 
  • email sequences, 
  • website content, 
  • documents, 
  • blog posts, 
  • lead pages, and 
  • other communications that help share your business message.

Customer Experience Success

Hopefully, this has provided you with some ideas on how to improve your companies customer service. Working with an excellent Virtual Business Manager can help you implement improvements to your customer journey. Therefore, allowing you to provide exceptional customer experience needed to retain clients in the critical months to come.